Dogs Baby    
  thumb 5.-Brutus-of-Sevenoaks

Brutus Of Seven Oaks

1st. Promising

Dogs Puppy    
  thumb 8.-Picsou-du-Domaine-Des-Popeyes 1

Picsou du domaine des popeyes

1st. Very promising

Dogs Youth    
  thumb 9.Mr. Bojangles Hotsand Walker

Mr. Bojangles Hotsand Walker

1st. Excellent

Dogs Middel Class    
  thumb 11.-Lazybones-Watsen 10.-Toadhall-Is-Stat-U-Cuzzie-Bro 2

Lazybones Watsen

1st. Excellent


Dogs Open Class    
  thumb 17

Dimrill Men of Rohan

1st. 1 Excellent Res. CAC

Dogs Champion Class    
  thumb 23.-Faraon-in-the-Ring-Abbas-Cane 17

Faraon in the ring Abbas cane

1st.Excellent CAC-BOB



Dogs Veteran    
  thumb 24.-Never-Walk-Alone-Living-Xtra-Large 2

Never Walk Alone Living Xtra Large

1st Best Veteran

 Bitches Baby    
   thumb 28.-Charming-Gaia-From-The-Proud-Family 27

Charming Gaia From The Proud Family

1st. Very promising

 Bitches Puppy    
   thumb 29

Matra szikla ormy Emma

1st. Very promising


 Bitches Youth    
   thumb 31-Princess 1


1st. Excellent


Bitches Middel Class    
   thumb 35

Sandø’s Fabulous T’Abby

1st.Res. CAC




Bitches Open Class  


   thumb 42

Walda of Seven Oaks

1st. Excellent



 Bitches Champion Class  


   thumb 45

Matra szikla ormi bella

1st. Excellent Best female Self Bred



Bitches Veteran  


   thumb 46

Flo of the mountainous mastiff`s

1st. Excellent



 Breeders Class  


   Of Seven Oaks

1st. Of Seven Oaks







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MCB-Clubwinner 2019

BIS Sandos Fabulous TAbby and Nick Waters 3